Lised below are links to tax information for completing your tax forms.
       1.What to bring (see below the list)
            A.Worksheet short form: Donation-Non Cash
            B.Worksheet Long form: Non-Cash Charitable Contributions/Donations
                This tax excel worksheet is provided as a convenience and aide in calculating most
common non cash charitable
                donations. The source information used is from a Salvation Army "Valuation Guide" published several years ago
                and updated for assumed inflation.
       3.Customer Information Sheet

Listed below are items you need to bring (if applicable) for preparing your tax:
    Wage Statements
       Your Social Security Card (Spouses if applicable)
       Your Dependents's Social Security Cards
       Last Year's Tax Return
       Child Care: Amount Paid, Provider Names, SSN and Address
       Charitable Contributions Receipts
       1099 Int., 1099 Div., 1099 B., 1099 Misc. (Interest, Dividend, Investment, and Self-
       Employment or Commission Income) 1099Rs for Pension or Retirement Income
        Social Security or Railroad Retirement Statements
        Alimony Paid or Received & Spouse's SSN
       Income and Expenses for Rental Property
       W2-Gs for State Refund, Lotto or Gambling Winnings
       Medical and Dental Expense
       Taxes Paid (Property, Income, etc.)
       Work Related Expenses (Union Dues, Auto, Travel, etc.)
       Educational Expenses Paid
       K-1 Income (Partnership, S-Corp, Trust, Inheritance, etc.)


One should prepare a list for EACH separate entity and date donations are made. For example: If one made a donation on July 1st to ARC, and another donation to ARC on Sept. 20th, two separate valuation reports should be made for each date.  Likewise, if one made donations to four separate entities, a separate valuation report should be made for each entity.

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